JustKapture will pioneer the idea of' Live Gifting partner' and 'Live Engagement Partner' across the industry to help its clients in customer delight and customer engagement.

    It was the evening of 1st March, 2015 when Manish Agarwal, alumnus of IIIT Hyderabad (batch of 2012), was meeting his friends after a long time and discussing ideas about people losing personal touch because of social media and how can we try and bring back the importance of touch and feel of a memory in an innovative way , the idea of JustKapture originated than and there.Also along with selfies, the importance of hashtag was discussed and thus this idea came into existence. This idea was good and innovative because with the advent of smart phones everyone was now a photographer and every account a photography page.

    Company Philosophy:

    Innovation and Technology, are the two pillars upon which the company was built and still stands tall, apart from that it is simply the idea on which the company was built that keeps the founder of this company on his toes to strive for more success.

    What do we do:

    The Primary objective here is to print memories, print memories at your weddings, promotions, events, parties, and in-store activities. All photos uploaded on social media platform with your event “Hashtag” will be instantly printed for your guests as a gift/souvenir, along with your event branding on it.

    As visitors click pictures at your events through their smart phones, we help you print them with unique hashtags and branding or customization at the base of each picture, to be presented to every guest who ‘hash-tagged’ your event with a picture they took.

    How do we add value:

    The services that add the most value to our associates is venturing with us as our ‘Live Gifting Partner‘ and ‘Live Engagement Partner’, upon which companies shall get the following advantages:

    • Increased Brand Impressions
    • Customer Engagement and Delight
    • Increased social media presence
    • Lifelong Memory with Customer

    Creating innovation out of the most common and trending concept of selfies and hashtags, this is bound to take your guests by a pleasant surprise. Magnifying the impact further, we bring to you yet another innovation the form of our ‘Branded Box’ or the ‘Photo Box’. The box carries the image of your brand or your themed personal event and contains a printer that prints out the hash tagged pictures of the event in real time. Being an eye-catcher in every manner, our Photo Box is all about directing your brand or event to your customer’s home in the most treasured manner. To sum it up in one line, “JustKapture” it and leave the rest to us


To delight or engage the visitor/guests through personalized souvenirs

    Our Services:

    Live Gifting Partner

    Memories, nostalgia, and mesmerizing moments that are intended to last forever when the occasions are special, like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

    Would not it be just wonderful if people remembered you ? Specifically for the things mentioned above. Don’t we always make an extra effort to make our near and dear ones feel special? Your task just became easier. Invite us to your event, and we will make sure we provide your guests with an instant memento right when the memories are being made.

    We will print the photos that your guests click at your event and upload on their social media handles.

    All you got to do is JustKapture it.

    Live Engagement Partner

    Corporate events, CSR, a public event or a retirement farewell ceremony.

    We make sure every moment is there with you in your minds, hearts and memories for a life time. As a firm you need to please everyone, from your investors to your customers to your employees. We'll you can now focus your attention on the other necessities, as the souvenir part of it is covered by us. We present your guests with instant printed photo mementos of the photos they clicked at your event and uploaded on your social media handles.

    Also the photos have your brand elements on it so that they remember you and the memories for a long time.

    All you got to do is JustKapture it.

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