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The Best ‘Event Souvenir’ for your guests

Long gone are the days when human beings went through the tedious procedure of personally visiting the gift shops to buy gifts to be presented to their guests who would attend the party, and after a tiresome some task of going through all the gifts reach to a conclusion which always was “Let’s get the photo frames, they seem like the best option”.
JustKapture has found a solution to your unpleasant task of choosing the “perfect gift” for the guests attending your event along with the solution for saving the efforts for finding the right photos to gift.
That’s right. JustKapture has come up with an innovative concept of being your live gifting partner, where in it can print instant photos of the guests who upload the pictures with the hashtag of your Event, what better way to please your guests than to gift them with a personalised souvenir, a picture that they clicked while they were at your gathering.
These are basically a free and real event photo booth in Hyderabad and Mumbai, where in all the photos uploaded on social networking platform like Instagram and twitter with the hashtag assigned to your event can be printed in a matter of seconds.
The best part is that the photos will not only act as a gift to guests but also as an element of brand recall and brand recognition, because every photo will contain your branding on the base of the photo. And even after several years when that guest will look at the photo trying to take a stroll down the memory lane, your Brand will form a part of that memory.
But that’s not the best part yet. The Best part is that these gifts souvenirs are provided to you free of cost, there will be a very few instances where in you’ll see all your guests leave with such delight on their faces.
You see a perfect moment? JustKapture it. Leave the rest to us; we’ll make sure that the captured moments become memories.

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