The New Age Polaroids

Why hire photographers when every member in your event can be a photographer?


Well, when we live in an era where every phone is almost as good as a DSLR, every moment is captured by thousands of people; every second of a human life is up on the Instagram, and the world revolves around hashtags, the entire world is a virtual photo booth.
Yes, Hashtag Printing allocates a hashtag for a particular event and gets print outs of all the photos that are uploaded with those particular hashtags, isn’t that just amazing? Say for example you are at an edm party and the event hashtag is #EDM all the photos uploaded on Instagram with this Hashtag will be printed in a matter of seconds and handed over to the event planners.
These are the new age virtual photo booths in various cities, the idea was incubated in Hyderabad, and so these started out as virtual photo booths in Hyderabad, more specifically speaking, more specifically speaking the started out as “Event Photo Booths in Hyderabad”.
This innovation saves a lot of effort in first hiring a photographer, where everyone attending the event could be your photographer; also a few single photographers can very rarely cover the happenings of an entire event, whereas if it is the entire crowd themselves covering you can capture every single happening of that event.

Let us see how this can be beneficial for an event organiser/planner.

  • Cost of appointing photographers.
  • More no of photographers/event attendees who will cover every aspect of the event.
  • Content marketing, more photos for the firm.
  • More visits on your account.
  • Saving time and energy.

These Hashtag Photo Booth printing is available for various Events and Functions in Hyderabad, Such as virtual wedding Photo Booth and these virtual photo booths are instant photo booths which again helps save time as mentioned above. Also these virtual photo booths are facilitated with props. Having said it all we all know that speed at which technology is growing, I remember back when I was a kid I used to crave for the polaroid camera that would give me a print out of a picture in an instant, but with the advent of internet technology hashtags and a personal camera in your pocket, the instant printing of photographs is now a possibility, thanks to hashtag printing.

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