5 Creative return gifts for your guests in Wedding

One of the biggest concerns while planning your wedding ceremony is to make sure that is a memorable one not just for you but also for your guests. And the best way to ensure this is to present them with a memorable souvenir that they can cherish for a lifetime.
Well here is the list of 5 wedding favours that your guests will love and never forget (and guess what? You can personalise them too).

  1. 1) Flower Pots:
  2. Decorated flower pots make one of the best and safest gifting options for a wedding, easy to find, low on pockets and most importantly something that a person can use for a lifetime.

  3. 2) Decorated Candles:
  4. Nothing is as beautiful as a decorated candle set, every time your guests will light up the candle the aroma and light that the candle would spread would remind them of you. Also the latest trend of henna candles will leave your guests gaga over the souvenir, (P.S sometimes these candles are so beautiful; people never actually use it and instead keep it as a decor item. You sure would want to be the reason when your guests smile looking at these candles).

  5. 3) Personalised Hand bags and batwas:
  6. A hand bag would always be by one’s side constantly reminding the person of the happy times and memories he/she had at your wedding. You can also have these handbags personalised for the bridesmaids and a personalised batwa would act as a perfect present for the best man. (P.S designer handbags and batwas are the latest trend).

  7. 4) Idols:
  8. Decorative pieces and small worship idols have been an ideal gift to be presented to your guests on any events, in-fact this has been going on for so long that one might actually make a mistake of considering this as a tradition.

  9. 5) Personalised printed photos:
  10. It is a known belief that a personalised gift is something that will stay in your memories for a very long time; Live Photo Booth is a very innovative and cool concept that focuses on the latest technology in the Photo Booth segment.

    It is a three step simple process:

    1. a) Click a picture.
    2. b) Upload the picture with event Hashtag.
    3. c) Get the printed picture within seconds.

    Play with props, play with the Hashtags, play with various filters on Instagram and let your creativity unfurl, all of it while making memories. What better option than having your memories printed live, in a matter of seconds. These services can be availed from Justkapture.com

    A celebration that will not only leave your guests with a memorable take-away gift but a different experience altogether. The fun and exciting evenings are the ones that you always remember and justkapture.com helps you do just that.

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